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Project & Brand Management

Consulting, planning, implementing and controlling marketing activities to establish, measure and manage brand equity.

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  1. Career Opportunities

  2. Career Advisory

  3. Music Production

  4. Home & Project Studio recording

  5. Creative projects portfolio development & management

  6. Performance

  7. Booking

  8. Touring


  1. Crowdfunding

  2. Merchandise

  3. Licensing & Distribution

  4. Public Relations

  5. Marketing & Promo

  6. Stylist

  7. Sponsors

  8. Social Media Planning

  9. Fan & Community based development

  10. EPK Kit

Marketing Services
Our creative Projects Management Marketing & Branding services are executed through superior operating guidelines devoted to forward thinking, strategic, innovative, precision focused marketing. Our principles were created by subject experts and derived from multiple master resources and comprehensive, creative tools. We offer custom selection of service packages that incorporate all the elements of our core services listed below.  We’ve created a variety of preset service plans and price points that allow quick and flexible solutions for your project needs.


Licensing and Digital Distribution
Full service licensing and digital distribution guidance for music and media to all relative outlets and internet music stores plus direct-to-fan, digital jukeboxes and on-demand destinations. We will help you to be everywhere you need to be!


Mobile Solutions
Foster your fanbase/client community with engaging mobile apps for iPhone, Android and/or tablet. Inform, entertain, create mobile marketing opportunities and drive music sales/positive interaction.


Marketing & Promotions
Assistance with exposing your music to Internet radio, on demand and podcast programmers. Maximize internet visibility by using search engine marketing and online advertising services.


Direct-to-Fan Marketing
Goal specific direct to fan marketing campaigns.  Extend your online reach, build and engage your fan base, create new and compelling product offers for DTF sales to monetize your creative output.

Marketing and Promotion are essential to the music marketing mix. We provide assistance with retail marketing to key digital service providers, plus streaming radio promotion to online radio which ensures your music is receiving the broadest opportunity for exposure and sales. Our process will help integrate your internet retail marketing with a targeted advertising campaign, social media and direct to fan initiatives such as contests, giveaways, and fan/follower management designed to cross-promote your music through complementary platforms and brand presence where potential fans are likely to be gathering.


We will cater, to your interests, a methodical process to help your music presence expand and gain attention.
As specific goals are met with proper traction and momentum gained, we may guide you through the process of interacting with music and program directors at all levels to set up new releases, building and maintaining existing radio airplay, and promoting to leading outlets and smaller niche oriented stream-casters who focus on music programming. Our promotion services include the following:

  • Campaign consultation and planning

  • Physical and Digital Service to stations

  • Set up, develop and maintain internet and terrestrial radio airplay

  • Coordination of interviews and special promotions

  • Regular contact combined with detailed bi-weekly reports to insure you are aware of your latest progress, and ultimately on top of your goals

  • Possible Affiliate Sponsorships


Digital Marketing
We will guide you with plans for online retail and ecommerce sites to secure opportunities for merchandising placement and editorial features.
These include:

  • Brand aligned placements

  • New release and noteworthy features

  • Sale price offers

  • Download Promotions

  • Exclusives

  • Site and event specific merchandising.

*Project and Brand Management is evaluated and accepted on case by case basis.
Please feel free to contact us or set up an initial consult if you have any questions.

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